who do you like with bosco more?

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  3. vipheartbbang answered: Bosco and Linda~~
  4. misselite2504 answered: myolie
  5. moonykinsisme answered: Defs Linda or Myolie.
  6. luxuriouswhispers answered: linda or myolie! <3
  7. boscoliefan answered: Myolie
  8. hk-kr-tw-cn answered: myoile!!
  9. hellopikafood answered: Bosco & Kate <3
  10. roarinsilence answered: myolie :)
  11. beads-andpearls answered: Myolie Wu!
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  14. reinny2403 answered: Bosco and Kate for lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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  17. turnbaekk answered: myolie or kate
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  19. katetsuitvb answered: Myolie & Bosco: True Love
  20. bbyjudyx3 answered: Myolie
  21. katekylau answered: bosco and myolie are always the best couple, but linda and bosco look good too
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  23. if-youwant-me answered: Linda, Kate, and Myolie
  24. acrossmymemoriies answered: Linda or kate
  25. phuongtrinh0032 answered: Linda Chung
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